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New Construction
275 Sacramento Street

John T. Chambers Technology Center

Stockton, California

Client: University of the Pacific
Project Size: 24,500 sq. ft.
Cost: $10 million
Project Overview: Managed the design and construction of a new building housing research and teaching laboratories and departmental offices for the School of Engineering and Computer Science. The project was designed and constructed to achieve LEED Gold certification.

275 Sacramento Street

275 Sacramento Street

San Francisco, California

Client: Patson Development
Project Size: 90,000 sq. ft.
Cost: $14 million
Project Overview: Constructed on property that was once on the edge of San Francisco Bay, this eight-story, steel-framed office building was a welcome addition to the Financial District. The Albert Group oversaw construction and managed design, cost/quality control issues. Construction details included 115-foot long foundation piles driven into bay mud, an exterior brick veneer that complements the historic neighborhood, and a rooftop garden that provides an inviting recreational area.

Sierra Vista Mall

Clovis, California

Client: Citicorp Real Estate
Project Size: 115,000 sq. ft.
Cost: $8.4 million
Project Overview: Acting on behalf of the mall owner, The Albert Group worked closely with Sears to construct a third retail anchor on an existing parking lot. All underground utilities were relocated to accommodate the new store and a new parking lot was created. In addition, off-site improvements to adjacent streets and intersections were performed. Responsibilities included budget development, selection and coordination of consultants, construction document review, permitting, contract negotiations, scheduling, construction management, and cost/quality control. Faced with a tight deadline, The Albert Group completed the project one month ahead of schedule and under budget.



Hollister, California

Client: Nippon Kayaku Company
Project Size: Three-building, 15-acre manufacturing campus
Cost: $8.7 million
Project Overview: Using technology developed for the aerospace industry, this high-tech company manufactures pyrotechnic initiators for the automotive industry. The project included construction of facilities for the blending and drying of explosive powders and a manufacturing facility for assembly of the devices. Each "hardened" building was designed to withstand accidental explosions with concrete walls up to 20 inches thick. The Albert Group evaluated the client's program and was able to redesign the site plan to allow for expansion of two additional buildings on the same parcel of land. Budget development, selection and coordination of consultants, contract document review, contract negotiations, scheduling, construction management, and cost/quality control measures were all included in the scope of services provided.

Inland Center Garage

Inland Center Garage
Inland Center Shopping Mall

San Bernardino, California

Client: Inland Center
Project Size: 1,000-stall garage, mall upgrades and site improvements
Cost: $34 million
Project Overview: The mall management company provided the owner with an initial budget of $42 million for a project that included a new parking garage, new entrances, relocation of utilities, site improvements and the foundation for a new May department store. Given the challenge to evaluate the budget, The Albert Group strategically changed the focus and method of delivery of the project, saving the client $8 million. The Albert Group served as the owner's representative in overseeing the entire project-design through construction.

Private Residence

Pebble Beach, California

Client: Private
Project Size: 14,000 sq. ft.
Cost: $25 million
Project Overview: Situated on the 18th hole of the historic Pebble Beach Golf Links, this private residence is a grand blend of art and architecture. Newly constructed on one of California's most prime pieces of real estate, the home serves as a showcase for some of the world's finest natural materials, advanced high-tech innovations and innovative construction techniques. Highlights include limestone floors and walls, titanium roofing and windows, Venetian glass mosaics and teak wood ceilings. The Albert Group coordinated all contractors and consultants, scheduling, budget development and contract negotiations. As with commercial ventures managed for the same property owner, The Albert Group's streamlined processes and hands-on management saved considerable time and money.


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