The Albert Group: Construction Management  
Project Review

The professional services offered by The Albert Group reflect our broad scope of expertise. Whether you are looking to acquire your next real estate investment, reposition an existing property or embark on new construction, we deliver the services and resources you need to complete the project in a cost-conscious, time-effective and quality-driven manner.

Due Diligence

If a real estate investment is to be successful, any potential problems-including architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical issues-must first be clearly identified. The Albert Group undertakes a comprehensive investigative process to verify a property's physical condition before any business transaction is finalized. We review all available drawings, conduct a thorough on-site inspection, and evaluate, analyze and document the property's strengths and weaknesses.

Project Evaluation

Whether you are launching a major renovation or new construction, The Albert Group helps strategically direct your resources where they matter most. We begin with your vision for the property, and your overall business objectives. Then we help create an improvement strategy that makes sense based on your budget and projected property income. Whatever your real estate investment goals, The Albert Group helps create a scope of work that maximizes your benefit-to-cost ratio by making sure that every invested dollar counts.

Budget Development

From design fees to construction costs, The Albert Group prepares a comprehensive budget that details every stage of the building process. Our numbers are thorough and realistic, and clearly outline all anticipated costs. If projected costs exceed your previously established budget, The Albert Group helps identify and develop alternates to the original scope of work, as well as other cost-saving measures.


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